Infrared sensors distance measurement

Good morning all,
I am working on a project which consists in knowing the state of a real vehicle (Toyota Yaris) in relation to a Berlin cushion, is it entirely or partially above the cushion ?. to do this I will use the Arduino board with 9 infrared sensors (GP2Y0A21YK0F) to know the state of the vehicle in relation to the cushion.
is this possible using these sensors? if not that you suggest as sensors that can do the trick?
Can the infrared sensors ref (GP2Y0A21YK0F) provide you with distance measurement or for obstacle detection only?

That particular model will measure distances between 10 and 80 cm. It outputs a voltage from 0.4V (80 cm) to about 2.3V (10 cm). The output is NOT linear so you can't easily calculate distance from voltage but you should be able to detect the 6.5cm height of the "Berlin Cushion" (speed bump).

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thank you for your reply,
in fact what I plan to do is to mount 9 sensors ref (GP2Y0A21YK0F) in the vehicle, when the vehicle goes through the speed bump the height I think it will change, suddenly I will know that the vehicle is completely above the cushion or not.
I wanted to know is what I just said is possible or not?
Thank you

In theory, it is possible. At $18 each, I would get one sensor and see if you get adequate results from it. If one sensor in the middle of the car can reliably sense the bump, then more sensors should give you more details.

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