Infrared - Sharp 2D120X problem please help me

Hello, I am so frustrated on trying to make this thing work. I'm Newbie! Please correct me. there are 3 color of wire, red wire to 5v, yellow to A1 (analog), black to ground. I got this as the result:

100 6 45 108 123 37 0 0 15 79 128 104 8 0

//Reads and analog sensor and displays the value
int sensePin = 7;

void setup()
  //Note: We don't need to specifiy sensePin as an
  //input, since it defaults to that when we read it

  //This is the default value, but we can set it anyways
  analogReference(DEFAULT); //5V Reference on UNO
  //Allows us to listen to serial communications from the arduino

void loop()
  // print the button state to a serial terminal
  //wait half a second, then print again.

Looks like you haven't wired it up correctly. Is the ground connected? Is the power connected to the sensor?

For best help provide a link to the sensor's data sheet.

There is 3 wire, black on the left, red in the middle, yellow on the right. black connect to Ground, red to 5v., yellow to A0.

The data sheet says to connect a 47uF capacitor across the supply as close to the sensor as you can get. Try that.