I want to ask some questions to you if you don't mind.

I want to use IR sensors that can work between -5(*C) and 85 (*C) but I don't find any sensor like this. All of the product's limit is +70(*C). This sensor should sense 3cm to 30cm sensitively. I will use it in an oven, consequently, the heater area it can work, the better for me.

Please reply my request.


Mehmet DUMAN

The temperature range you are looking for is known as a "military specification" and these are hard to get for an individual in small quantities. Go to the bigger distributors and look for "mill spec" devices.

This sensor should sense 3cm to 30cm sensitively.

It is not the receiver but how strong the IR light is that determines the distance. However 30cm is pushing it for a receiver without any amplification. Is your oven only going to 85?

Working in a hostile environment is not something that is easy to do especially for a beginner.

the area's ,that we put sensor, temperature is 85 C , but oven's max temp is 500 C.

do they sell me this sensor ? it is not individual. our company produce new technologycal oven.

may be we should cool the sensor ourselves.. but how it can be possible in oven?

do they sell me this sensor

yes they will sell you mil spec sensors but you have to ask and they are a lot more expensive.

do you know any online site that sell mili spec?


Find the sensor you want to use. Get the data sheet. See if they have a mill spec version then ask them for a distributor that stocks that part.