Hi to all I'm new to Arduino (great&funny), and I'm trying to experiment Infrared receiving. I've got a TSOP1738 IR receiver, I've followed the sample in the post I've discovered that Parallax sensor is not the same as TSOP :( and now I don't know if I can use it to receive IR data... I think yes, but I don't know if it will be simple as the previous post... someone has an idea or a link fo follow ? I've found another guy in this link: but I cannot compile the .pde samples in the Arduino GUI... (copy/paste/compile -> various error :o) where I do mistakes ? Thankyou

The receiver you have expects the data to be encoded with a 38khz carrier.

The TFMS5360 used in the article expects a 56khz carrier which is probably what the remote in the article transmits. I think it's an Xbox remote.

You needed a TSOP1756 for 56khz

If you plan on using a different remote you'll have to find out what it's carrier frequency is.

The code on his page is not for the Arduino IDE but I think needs directly compiled by avr-gcc. I am clueless about this. I'm sure with work it can be ported to the Arduino IDE.

This is the article sort of translated via google

It's good work but does NOT work with Arduino IDE or avr-gcc/avr-c++