Initiating on Arduino and have some doubts about eletronic components


I'm Joe from Portugal.

I'm looking to start fooling around with an arduino and looking to buy "general" components for diferent projects. I studied eletronics in high schools and kinda miss that since I went for another course in Uni.

I was looking into buying an Arduino Uno and found this starter kit

My question is if it's worth it to buy it like that or maybe just buy the board and then start buying all the components as I need them.

This seems to be a really complete kit for me to learn the first steps with the arduino board so yeah, an opinion would be great!

Thanks in advance and sorry about any mistakes on my english.

Best Regards,

That's one of the official Arduino starter kits. There's a section of the forum dedicated to it down towards the bottom of the page where you can read people's experiences with it.

Oh, I didn't understand it was an oficial starter kit from Arduino itself, I though it was a starter kit from the store in question. I did visit The arduino starter kit section but I after some reading I came to understand that the posts were about projects and not the starter kits themselves.

I apreciate the quick reply tho :slight_smile:

One thing that you get with some kits is a project book. If that is what you want then this one is ideal, although reading some of the posts on the forum some parts of the kit don't fit together as well as they could.

If you don't want a project book then get an Uno and buy the parts you need, when you need.

Do you mean this book ? The 2 things together get a bit expensive but I think I could manage

No, the Starter Kit includes a book of projects which you cannot get anywhere else (so don't lose it!). I imagine it will cover everything in the book you linked to which I have and is very, very basic.

Okay then, thanks for all the help man!! Have some karma :stuck_out_tongue: