Initiative to end pandemic using arduino base covid detectors

Hi, arduino community we are an Organization call Pseudovaccine (PV),
Due to the pandemic that we are experiencing worldwide, our organization have a proposal that has three main objectives:
1 Stop the coronavirus from advancing
2 Save the world economy
3 Have a pandemic control system for this and future epidemics *(universal health control).

  • It is based on a biological concept, but applying informatics.
    “Digital Global Immune System”
    From that concept an idea derived:
    “Digital Pseudovaccine”

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As this is a technical site, I summarize 4 components of the system
1 Test for coronavirus (like glucosa strips)
2 Arduino based reader for this Test (like Low cost Lab on a chip smartphone attachment that can test for COVID19 (Asimak in this forum post it) just to make a version smaller and cheaper, maybe based on an arduino nano or with bluetooth.
3 App to make test and forward results to the cloud
4 Central epidemic system to know the statistics

This is the essentially pseudovaccine but check the entire project for a more detail.
the main idea is the system is mimicking a global immune system.
You give digital eyeglasses so everybody can detect the virus.

Later show a health certificate to show if people posite or negative, then stay in home or go out thic can change a quarantine focalized instead of general, letting go to work and economies raise too.
I think we have the technology to do all this , and in not only can end this pandemy but future pandemics, it will be our first line of defense.

So imagine a short story in three acts, although an animation would be ideal, but in world situation like today, we´re running out of time, it will be later:

1st act
Imagine that all humanity is a single organism, each human is a cell, now see the pandemic, that body (human beings) is somewhat sick, it is weak, it cannot work, its streets are its veins (few flow) they stop the factories, the shops.
It is a body without an immune system, that is, if a virus reproduces, there is no stopping it, it will spread without control.

2nd act
To that body (the world) you generate a global computer immune system, each cell (person) will know how to distinguish whether it is infected or healthy, because
you inject a vaccine (digital pseudo-vaccine) into the streets (which are veins)is where the pseudo-vaccine is distributed (a small package that will arrive by courier to each household), this package arrives at a time when there is a generalized quarantine, after a time, the pseudovaccine is distributed to each cell (person) and then the situation changes.

3rd act
You encapsulate the enemy in homes and hospitals (from being generalized it converts to a quarantine directed only at infected cells) because your cells (people) are intelligent and have a viewfinder to see the invisible enemy, the enemy is encapsulated in a house or a hospital because they act like the white blood cells that stop the invader as in traditional biology.
You apply the process all over the earth, and in a reasonably short time, the global sick body we had, step by step fills its veins (the streets) again with healthy cells (people).
And the body reactivates and walks again (the economy) and cell deaths (cease).

How is it accomplished? What came to each home in that little box? I tell you that there is no real (traditional) vaccine, and there is also no medicine for disease in that little box (it is not necessary, that would be a second stage).
You guess what is inside that box (an Arduino nano or with bluetooth and 15 test one for day)
that is the pseudovaccine.

The main problem we have today is just that we´re trying to reach second stage, when we don’t have first stage implemented.
That first stage could be achieved mainly with computers, pseudovaccine, smarthpones and the pharmaceutical industry.

We are looking for worldwide promotion for the implantation of a global immune system.
so Arduino´s help is critical to begin talking between IT companies
(so please forward this request to your CEO )
WE also need help to distribute this project to all important companies of IT in the world please visit the website for more information

give us like to help implement it in facebook here

below there is a pdf with all the project

This proposal is not intended to plagiarize a similar project that is being carried out, it is more intended to help it be implemented, if it is promoted, if people know that there are alternative solutions so this pandemic can be stopped, we will all help to make it happen.
If you are a scientist who is already working on a similar project that has been approved or not, please communicate (with me and scientific community) it is time to take this system to work for the good of humanity, there are people dying and it is not possible to have projects like this in drafts without implemented it, now is the time to create global pressure to have them in operation and let people know that exists hope to end this pandemic…

Eduardo Delgado
Entrepreneur and software developer (Theorist)
México City
Email: ,

Thanks in advance.

Pseudovaccine digital english v1.1.pdf (300 KB)

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thanks but i dont know why i can't delete it or correct it , i did in my profile but still persist the problem, just type manually the website is up and running...

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