inkjet copper, sintered with xenon lamp

Hi, folks
sorry to bother you again with manufacturing pcp stuff
I came across this company that sells copper ink for inkjets for the purpose of making circuits:

I watched this video:

And became intrested :slight_smile:

After reading their patent on the process :slight_smile: I came to the conclusion that doing A4 sheet of paper or plastic I would require a xenon lamp flashing between 350 - 500 ms with density of 2 J/cm, wich I calculated to be around 5000W for the whole A4 sheet on a pulse of 350ms. Could do with half the power if doing A5 size, that is much more realistic.

The ink they say, sells for $75 /Kg so I am gonna order me some sample of 50ml :slight_smile:

Any pointers of making a lightbox, schematics etc…


Wow. looks impressive. Couldn’t hear the sound though as I’m at work, but I definitely have to check the video again when I’m home.

sorry to bother you again with manufacturing pcp stuff

I hope you meant PCB.

Sorry, but I have no experience with lightboxes ;D!

HA HA, PCB, Yes ;D
All that etching fumes must be getting me :slight_smile:

Found any form for ordering samples? Do you have a link to the patent papers? I would be interested in those as well.

Thanks, Otacon2k

I just wrote an e-mail to the person on the bottom on this document:

But it’s probably better to contact:

The patent for this stuff is here:

The first 26 pages are just pictures and illustrations
next 43 pages are descriptions and sample formula recipies and methods.

You may have to register to see th full patent pdf with pictures, but it’s free and I have not receved any spam from them ever (registered for about year ago).

It seems that they used pulsed laser in their first trials of the stuff but switched to xenon lamps. (both method works, but laser can damage the sides of the layout)