Inkplate family of e-paper displays

Hi all, we are making boards that facilitate the e-paper panels and make them easy to use. They are named Inkplate and feature Plug n Play hardware and an easy-to-use Arduino library. There are currently three versions: 6 - 6.0'' display, 10 - 9.7'' display and 6PLUS - 6.0'' display with touchscreen and front-lighting.

Web page:
Arduino library: GitHub - e-radionicacom/Inkplate-Arduino-library: Arduino library for e-paper display Inkplate 6
Inkplate 6: Inkplate 6 | Crowd Supply
Inkplate 10: Inkplate 10 | Crowd Supply
6PLUS is currently crowdfunding: Inkplate 6PLUS | Crowd Supply

I would love to hear your feedback and ideas about the board, design or anything related to it!

Thank you in advance