#inlclude error detected.

I verified .ino file in VS Code on Ubuntu, has anyone met this error?

Before this, I installed 2 Arduino IDE, they all run properly.
The first one was but “sudo apt-get install”, the second one installed bu ubuntu software tool. The first one was 1.8.12, the second one was 1.8.13, I searched in my included path, there was 1.18.12, but I couldn’t find where the 1.8.13 edition is.

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The forum tells me that you have 14 posts. You should know better by now.

Please copy and paste your code inline using code tags. No pictures. ALL of the code, not a snippet!

Please copy and paste the error messages inline using code tags. No pictures.

Hi MianQi,

As vaj4088 said please post your full code, otherwise it is almost impossible to find the problem.

A common mistake though is not to include the library's file path. And a quick google brought these up: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45583473/include-errors-detected-in-vscode https://github.com/microsoft/vscode-cpptools/issues/1863

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