Innovations ID-12LA and ID-20LA not supported with SoftwareSerial.h

Is there a replacement method for using RFID readers such as the ID-12LA or ID-20LA from Sparkfun since SoftwareSerial.h is no longer supported?

EDIT: Using IDE version 1.8.7.

A quick forum search turned up a few hits but this one may get you started until you figure out how to search ;)

Yeah his github didn’t exist. Just in a hurry and was looking for a quick replacement to softwareserial. I’ll just adapt hardware serial instead.

You had to read past the first posts LOL... Sercom.

No. I did not want to mess with Sercom. I know about it. Was trying to avoid it. I can use Serial1 on pin 13 to rx instead.

The problem however... is the moment WiFi.config is called it stops receiving data. Same for Serial2 on pin0, which I believe is listed in variants.

I can't find any documentation stating WiFi (ublox) shares Serial1.