Input board or shield from 12V system needed


I’m new to Arduino, and a near novice when it comes to electronics - so please bear with me. This forum seemed the right place to enter a post, due to the description: “Controlling lots of inputs and outputs”.

I have a need for either a board or a shield to be used in a car. The need is a min. of 4 and a max. of 8 inputs that are capable of handling inputs from the cars electrical system (11 – 14V due to instability). The board/shield must be able to detect when there is no signal (0V) or a signal (11 – 14V) and relay the information to the Arduino without damaging the Arduino.

I’ve scoured the web in search of such a board/shield without finding a board/shield I’m certain fits my needs. I mainly explain this due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to electronics, because there must be others out there that have had this need before me.
The only board I’ve found, that – by my knowledge – fits the bill is this:, but I’m not able to determine if it in fact is an input board and if so how many inputs it can handle.

My question is this:
Does anyone know of any board or shield that will fit my requirements??

Kind regards