Input control of Rainbowduino patterns

I have just ordered a few parts to dive into the deep end of the Arduino programming and have a little project in mind.

I have ordered a Arduino mega, 6 x rgb matrix, 6 x rainbowduino and a uartsb V2.2 and a dog kennel when the wife sees the bill.

Like i said..... deep end. ;)

Can those who have the rainbowduino enlighten me if it possible to wire and program the unit to activate specific pattens triggered by push button inputs? If not can it be done with other specific hardware to trigger the pattens or are they only able to run their preprogrammed pattens.

Appreciate any feedback you can give.

Thanks Richard. My limitations at this point will be my coding ability! lol
But it would be no fun if it came easy.
I read the instruction manual on the rainbowduino and could see that there is a couple of pins for digital input but no information about if they are programable. I believe I read somewhere that they were going to be for future use and just wanted to confirm that was still the case.