Input controlled LEDs

Hey Code Masters!

I'm a total newbie that's been tasked with a rather large project. My last coding experience was in high school (10+ years ago) in turing... just to set the context.

I need to make a large LED array with the colour controlled by an input of any number between 1-100 (which will be provided by a website... or something). The colour needs to be a gradient between White and Red (so I guess divided into 100 steps).

The LEDs I'll be using are these and I have an Arduino Uno Rev3.

What I would like to know is what is the approximate trail of breadcrumbs I need to follow to get from being a total newbie to kind of knowing what I'm doing.

Right now I have a rudimentary understanding of how the components need to communicate but the coding part is very difficult for me to grasp at my currently level. So to put into words what I'd like to accomplish is this:

I need to send an input to the Arduino (integers ranging from 1 - 100 inclusive) and I need the Arduino to change the colours of multiple strips of the aforementioned LED's to the corresponding value of Red/White on the gradient. The project only get more difficult from there but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Thanks in advance!

I need to make a large LED array
The LEDs I'll be using are these and I have an Arduino Uno Rev3.

On that linked page:

Works great with ...Arduino Mega/ADK, FastLED library

So look up the FastLED library.

The second thing to be aware of is that these LEDs need a LOT of current. You will need a power supply of at least 6 AMPS for the LEDs. You cannot run them from the 5V output of the Arduino or even attempt to run them from a USB-supplied 5V.

There are examples with the FastLED library which should get you started.


As you're talking about control from a web site, do have a look into the ESP8266 processors - the WeMOS D1 Mini and NodeMCU are two popular development boards using them - as it has built in WiFi.