input serial monitor: ascii --> storing: binary data

Hey guys,

I wrote a sketch using the serial monitor for writing/reading the EPC of an RFID tag, connected via i²c with my Arduino.
But the serial monitor is getting ASCII Chars from my keyboard and I need binary data to be stored.
So my question is: how do I convert the ASCII chars i put into the serial monitor into binary data.


ASCII is a representation form but is stored in binary by the micocontroller. So what you say is the same like "My input is in Italian and I want to write it down as Latin script". Okay, just do that. :slight_smile:

Aka, what do you really want? Give some example.

For example:
if I write 'A' and want to read the EPC afterward, the serial monitor shows me: '41'.
But I want an A to be stored and showed.

You do realize that 41 is actually 0x41, a hex number with a decimal equivalent of 65. Oddly, the ASCII numeric code for 'A' is 65. See any relationship?