inputs acting as one

Hi all..

I'm having trouble with reading single inputs (analogue as well as digital). I'm receiving the values in max with the maxpatch posted at . And I've uploaded the PD_inputs_to_PD example sketch into the arduino usb board. The problem is that if I trigger one digital input, all the six inputs in max are triggered. And the same with the analogue inputs. I think the max patch works fine. And I guess the example sketch works fine too. So what could be the problem?

Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks in advance.


Hi again,

I’ve found out that my question was a typical newbie-question. No coincidence 'cause I am a Arduino newbie.
If you unhook a sensor and still monitor the output of that sensorinput over the serialport into max. It takes the sensor input from another sensorinput on the Arduino. Why this I don’t know.
But if you just monitor the hooked up inputs, everthing is fine…