Inputting data to Excel on a Mac

I am trying (and failing) to use Excel to read the data stream from my Arduino. I think I have read every post on the subject both inside and outside the Arduino forums.

I run on Mac so 'gobetweenoo" is out.

The most interesting suggestion was:

The author makes a point which identifies my desire: I don't want to layer more applications and add-ons onto my existing project and computer. I want to use the "built in" VBA facilities inside my Excel program. However, the code presented which provides the underlying capabilities is 27 pages long. (No typo there.) But I cannot get it to run. I believe the problem is the different models that the PC uses versus the Mac when it comes to serial ports. (COM1,2,3... versus /dev/tty.usbmodem3b11 and the like).

Many of the posts I have read say things like, "Just go and try ..... and it will work." The things I have tried simply don't "just work."

So, two questions:

1) Can anyone suggest a simple solution, preferably using VBA alone?

2) Does someone have a CONCRETE comprehensive set of code that lives in a Mac, reads a few characters from the Arduino serial port, and gets those values to appear in Excel?

Briefly, my application is as follows: I have a few dozen analog components which make some timing measurements at the microsecond level. These are read into the Arduino for some very basic processing and then sent out over the serial bus. The values can nicely be read by the serial monitor. Today, we are visually reading these values and typing them into Excel.

As new sets of values come in every few seconds, this manual method is only good for debugging the overall application. I want a tight integration. As a last resort, I could live (unhappily) with having a program stuff the incoming values into a file, and have Excel read that file every few seconds to grab new values for processing.

The final output to the user in Excel are some numbers and possibly a simple graph.

Feel free to post here and/or email me directly.

Thanks, --jim hahn

It is simple enough to write an application in processing that reads data from the arduino and saves them in a .CSV format. Then all you do is open the file in Excel. However, you seem to want to do it directly into Excel. The only way I can think of doing that is if you set the arduino up as a USB HID, and make it simulate key strokes.