Inputting values using 4x4 keypad


Im currently learning arduino and i have a project which is similar to automated gardening. As of now, i can monitor and view the readings of sensors thru a 20x4 lcd.
Here’s my problem, i have this sensor(temp) its current reading is 29C, now i want to input these specific temp value like 28C so if my sensor detects more than 28C my ventilation system will on to lessen the heat and attain to 28C or below.
I want to input specific temp value using keypad because i want my project to be flexible, like if i want to plant different plants i can change its temp limit.

Here’s what i have:
Arduino uno
20x4 LCD
4x4 Keypad

Need some assistance and advice here. Thanks guys.

Here is the Arduino keypad tutorial.

The keypad library make interfacing the keypad pretty easy. That library is also available through the library manager.

This forum thread has code for entering multi digit numbers with a keypad.