Inquiry about returned data of DHT11

I'm using DHT22 for my measurement of temperature and humidity that implemented on Arduino Uno. As mentioned in its datasheet, data that returns from DHT22 is formatted in 40bit which consists of 8 bit integral RH, 8-bit decimal data, and the others for Temperature and checksum. However, its resolution is actually up to 1℃ or 1%RH, which means the decimal part should be zero for measured results. So, why it exists? Did I misunderstand something? Hope for your clarification. Thanks.

Have a look here:

I've looked into it for a while but not found my answer yet. I just questioned about the resolution of the measured result, how could it include a decimal part while it just attains 1%RH or 1℃ for minimum changes. The datasheet I used was found here

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