Inquiry about temperature sensors

Hi! I am new to Arduino but I am building a project using it for my engineering class. Is there any temperature sensor or component that can detect and tell me the temperature of my laptop or computer. I tried searching for Temperature sensors like the LM35 and TMP36, but they monitor the atmosphere's temperature. I don't need the atmosphere's temperature, just my laptop's temperature. Don't worry about the code. I only need the sensor. Sorry, I am just a programmer. Thank You Aryan Jain

NTCs like thees can be fixed almost anywhere using a drop of heatconducting paste.

Computers usually contain a number of temperature sensors built into the hardware. The data can be accessed via the system management API provided by the BIOS or operating system. No need for a microcontroller.

So, is there any way I can retrieve the temperature values from the already installed temperature sensors and somehow use them to communicate with the Arduino. I need to find the CPU's temperature. I don't care how.

Ah you mean something like this

There are lots of others too all you need to be able to do is use a search engine.

If you want CPU tture, be careful that in attaching your sensor you don't compromise the CPU's cooling provisions. The tture from the BIOS is probably the way to go. For towers, there are panels to bring that info out to the front of your PC... you could probably hack into that. For laptops, a lot harder to do a good job, generally, with your own hardware.

I'd have a look at the forums of the overclocking people... tture is important to them. Someone must have published the (software) handles into the messages the OS makes available. What OS are you using, by the way... just to tempt others to take this even further from Arduino-land!

Hi everyone. I read your posts but I found out that you guys are suggesting me a software that monitors my temperature. I don't need that. I need a program that can read the temperature values and send that Arduino so the Arduino Uno board I am using can perform functions of it. My project is to build a laptop overheating detector that alerts you when your laptop's temperature crosses a certain temperature limit. I found out that I don't a temperature sensor since a computer already has a bunch of them installed so I thought that if a developed a program using Java or Python, maybe I can retrieve those values and use them to communicate with Arduino and build my temperature​ sensor. Please help. I need to start ordering parts for my project soon, and I need to decide on what approach I will be using for building my project. Sorry I only know programming. Thank you

P.S. Is it even possible for Arduino to communicate with other programming languages such as Java or Python or any other language?

That particular bit of software is capable of outputting SERIAL DATA that can be used by the ARDUINO.

But hey you go ahead and do it the hardest longest way…

Ballscrewbob: That particular bit of software is capable of outputting SERIAL DATA that can be used by the ARDUINO.

Wait, it can? Can the Arduino actually use those temperature values? It would make my work a lot easier.

Why not just write a program in the computer that has the senors in it??

Yeah, that's what I am trying to do. I am going to write a code on Python and then transfer the temperature values through Pyserial to Arduino. I just want to know if Arduino can use those value inputs and get an output from its own functions?

Hi, What do you want the Arduino to do? If you can put the temperature values on serial through Python, what do you want the Arduino to do with them?

Tom... :)

If you have a program on the laptop, whether the existing one recommended or one of your own devising, that can write data to the serial port, you can read it through serial on the Arduino. Assuming that that data is in a comprehensible form, you can parse it on the arduino and take actions driven by the data you receive.

Don't forget that you'll need a max232 to convert the voltages on the laptop's serial port to levels the arduino can accept.

Hi everyone. I have decided that I am going write a code on Python for deriving the temperature of my laptop and send those values to Arduino through PySerial. I will then use those values so that if they cross a particular temperature limit, a buzzer and a bunch of LED's will turn on, but if the temperature is below limit and is normal, nothing will happen. I am working on developing a code for Python right now, but I don't know how PySerial works and how Arduino can use those values. Any advice? Thank you so much for your help.