INS Flight guidance (IMU+GPS)

Hello All,

I just started in this arduino world and I have small knowledge about it..

I would like to do a navigation system in order get position and attitude of small aircraft, then the idea is to guide an aircraft pilot, showing him lines where to fly.

I was thinking in to use a GPS module, IMU module, Arduino module, then developing a software in Visual Basic in order to display information about where the aircraft is, attitude (Roll, pitch and yaw), altitude, speed, etc... and where the lines are.

  • Anyone can give me some advises on - what GPS module, - IMU and - arduino board should I buy?

  • I have at home arduino one, do you think is good enough?

  • Do you think Visual Basic is a good choice for this purpose?

As I am totally beginner I would like to start by connecting a GPS module in arduino and try to display in visual basic some information as coordinates, speed, etc.. from the gps... I guess it will take me long time to get done the total idea...

Help would be so much appreciated, Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

The Arduino is programmed in C/C++, not Visual Basic.

This is a very challenging problem for a beginner, and you need to learn the Arduino programming language as well as how to properly and safely connect the Arduino to other devices. For example, many GPS modules require 3.3V power and can be destroyed by connecting to a 5V Arduino.

The Arduino IDE provides many simple examples for teaching you how to do all those things, so please start there.