Inserting links

I have noticed that many members (both old and new) do not use the insert link.

I don't because whenever I click on the icon, I am kicked out of the browser (Safari) and logged out of the site.

Any others have the same problem?

I have asked this before but curious if I am the only one and why others don't insert links but copy and paste.


I just manually type url tags, however I'd prefer to simply paste in the URL. Before the forum moved to a different version of SMF links in posts were detected and highlighted. Same with youtube vids: they would be embedded by simply pasting the link into your post.

Never been logged out in Chrome.

And I just tested the insert link button:

Before I insert a link I switch the edit window to "view source" using the button on the right

Then I highlight some words and click the "insert a link" button - it seems to work better in this mode



It works!!



I have my default set to "source" mode, not that stupid pre-formatted system that totally is a pain. Using source mode the link insertion works OK.

I set mine to "source" some time ago and it looks like it got changed back without me noticing. Without thinking about it I had assumed it only applied to full reply editor and not to the quick reply at the bottom of the screen. On reflection I think that was a stupid assumption because the full editor was also in WYSIWYG mode.

I have now set it to "source" again - so thanks Nick for mentioning it.


Well I just upgraded to from 8.1 to 8.4 on the iPad and now I am logged out when I tap on the URL or image icons in the posting menu.

Note to others, do not upgrade. .

I have 8.4 as of a little before I read this. The source mode works still.

Weedpharma I

Yes it does. The next upgrade will make that unusable too.

I am now noticing I get when selecting the url icon. As a result the link does not work. And some times the url turns into: About:blank

I am now using shortcuts on the iPad. url... for [ url][ /url] And img... for [ img][ /img]

Things are getting quite unusable.


Things are really sad. From PC to iPad, this web site reacts completely different.

Summary. On the iPad, both Chrome and Safari crash when not in Source mode, as you click the URL or img icons.