Inserting pots in breadboard fix

Possibly posted before but, to make the pots easier to insert and keep in the breadboard, twist each leg 90º. This lets the flat, skinny sides of the legs get farther and more securely into the bb clips.

The picture referenced in the initial post.

An even better option is to solder proper pins to them for even more stability and durability.

Yes. But, I had the pots, the pliers, and the inspiration all in front of me at the same time so... Besides, lots of folks who bought a starter kit don't necessarily have a soldering iron - yet.

Not knocking your idea at all.

Just adding another perspective.
Many pots have very short leads.

For example these types are “trimmers” that suffer the “short leg issue” as do a lot of these types of pot.

20170706_085257 v2.jpg

20170706_085308 v2.jpg

The extra length makes any of the “short leg” pots very easy to work with.
Also the thicker size of the pin makes it much more breadboard friendly.

The extra length makes any of the "short leg" pots very easy to work with.

That's the problem. The pots included in the starter kit were designed for PCBs, not breadboards. I understand it's an economy thing but they are kind of kludgy.

The Dr Duino looks interesting but a bit salty.

Thanks for that link...
Not my idea or way of doing things but am sure some will find it useful.

I prefer shields or breadboard for that type of work.

I forgot. There's a video review.