Inspirational moving art

Hi all
I’ve been poking around the BB and thought that people might be interested in this awesome art.

Apologies if the link has already been posted.
Jen (n00bi3st n00b)

*Jaw dropping to the floor"

Oh my goodness! This guy is great! What beautys he produces there… and everything mechanical/pneumatic…

What a perfect time to bring this up: right between the releases of the latest “Terminator” and “Transformers” movies ;D

I think Jansen is over-reaching a bit in calling it “life”, but it is extremely awesome art. And incredibly-ingenious engineering.


wow, that’s amazing stuff… i mean, the guy really has something going there…

Pretty interesting. There’s an awful lot of moving parts :o

See also

Incredible engineering. The first thing that popped into my mind was that this is the perfect way for a planetary rover to get around using the power of the planets wind. The whole design is very lightweight. Even a motor powered unit would enable it to move over great distances quickly and more efficiently than a wheel.

We-e-l-l-l, before packing one off to another planet, I’d want to see a couple of them show a little “evolutionary initiative”, and spontaneously escape over the dunes :sunglasses:

When I look at the videos, I only see the Crochet Critters frolicking on surfaces that are pretty smooth, flat, firm, and free of obstacles. Unless their little feetsies are a lot heavier than they look, Jansen’s animals have a relatively high CG, that can easily get outside their base of support on a fairly modest slope.

I suspect that an attempt to climb a dune against any but the gentlest of downslope breezes would turn them from “artificial animals” into “artificial tumbleweeds” :’(


some lead horseshoes and a set of upgraded high torque motors should fix that :wink: