install arduino driver under openwrt

I want to use my yun to program a arduino due. Because the yun have no program space i need a due.

So i want connect my due using a usb cable to my yun usb port. but what now. because i don;t know which port i need to use with bossac. i monitored the dev dir to see if something changed after connecting the due but nothing happend. anyone any idea how i can install the driver.

Kind regards


If your Due is genuine:

opkg update 
opkg install kmod-usb-acm
ls -al /dev/ttyACM0
crw-rw-rw-    1 root     root      166,   0 May  6 01:20 /dev/ttyACM0


print output of :


Thx i see it now.

Because you knew this.

Do you also know what i do wrong with

root@YUN:/usr/bin# bossac --port=ttyACM0 -U false -e -w -v -b Blink.cpp.bin -R /usr/bin/bossac: line 1: syntax error: unexpected "(" (expecting ")") root@YUN:/usr/bin#


How did you get bossac into Yun? Did you compile it yourself?

no downloaded the linux version of arduino software and copied the bossac from there

You need either precompile ( for MIP platform) app or compile it yourself at Yun.

Oke thx Sorry to ask but you know a lot more about the linux part as i do. I can do almost everything within C or Windows but linux was always out of my scope. I can google it. but it seems you know exactly where you talking about so you probably know immidiatly how to do.

there for to prevent me for another day or two trying. how to i do that