install arduino nightly on raspberry pi ERROR

6.3.2017 i tested again a install of the but now it fails regarding menu...icon... ( the IDE starts well by /home/pi/.../arduino-nightly/arduino )

Use --novendor to override or 'xdg-desktop-icon --manual' for additional info. xdg-mime: file '/home/pi/.../arduino-nightly/lib/cc.arduino.arduinoide.xml' does not exist

i do find only one file: /home/pi/.../arduino-nightly/lib/arduino-arduinoide.xml

kllsamui: Use --novendor to override

did you try that?

sorry where?

arduino-nightly $ ./ --novendor

Invalid option -- '--novendor'

This script will add a Arduino IDE desktop shortcut, menu item, icons and file associations for the current user.

Optional arguments are:

-u, --uninstall Removes shortcut, menu item and icons.

-h, --help Shows this help again.

ok found something


change RESOURCE_NAME=cc.arduino.arduinoide



now have desktop icon and programming menu entry