Install Arduino Windows 7

Hi, i am an Arduino-beginner. I want to run Arduino (duemilanove) on Windows 7, but it doesn't work. I looked for help in the world wide web but even with the drivers installed from FTDI I couldn't make it run. Has someone experience with that?

I really would like to get started, so that I can share my projects with you. Thanks! Joana

Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit?

I'm running Arduino 0018 on Windows 7 32-bit without problems. It installed normally, and I didn't encounter anything unexpected.

Are you using the latest version of Arduino (0018)?

I use 32-Bit. I tried both 0018 and 0017. When I plug in the board and try to install it my win7 does recognize that there is the board, but when I try to install the drivers and show the program where it has to look for it, it still says that it cannot find any drivers. (Even when I turn on the automatic - windows search to install drivers).

When I got mine, I just plugged it in with Windows 7 64-bit. I took about 20 secs for it to find it but works fine. My device manager just pops up the additional USB serial port once attached. Do you get any lights? Open up the device manager and find your PORTS ( COM & LPT) see if any devices attach when connected. Make sure you get at least a power light. If you get no power, change cables, USB ports on the PC or even try another PC just to see if you get power to the Arduino. Anyway, once it shows a USB Serial connection, use COM# for the software connection. Also make sure you have the right Arudino board selected.

Hi. I’m really new, but one thing I know is that if you are running on an unpowered usb hub, it might not work. My iphone is visible to my computer on a non-powered hub, but I can’t sync with it. Just not enough juice.

Hi. I'm really new, but one thing I know is that if you are running on an unpowered usb hub, it might not work.

Welcome :).

An interesting concept..I never thought of it. I've never tried using the Arduino on an unpowered hub. It may indeed not work (but I would expect it to).

Thank you for all your answers. I am still trying. I selected the right Board, the right COM# etc. I tried also other USB series. My next step will be to try it on an other Computer..maybe the board is damaged or so.. (the led on the board is blinking, i hope it is ok..) Joana

I have Windows 7 x64 (which is even more messier) so this is a file explaining evertything, just download it and open it with wordpad there are a lot of pictures showin you what to do.

And I know it's a big file :o


  1. I cleared my computer and refreshed everything.
  2. I downloaded the Arduino latest version and the CDM20602 zip-file from
  3. I downloaded the word doc, as recomendet above, and followed the instructions

Thank you very much markov85!!

All the magic is to repeat the Installation again, as it is mentioned in Step 6. ;)