Install drivers with board package

Hello everyone!

I have a question related to the board manager, contributed packages and drivers required for new supported boards.

I want to know if there is a way to make drivers being installed together with the package itself. The purpose is to ease the user from the annoying search and install of drivers for boards which the package adds. Around half an year ago I have seen that done by Digistump with this package. After downloading the archives and installing them, the installation of the drivers begin. So I was planing to see how they did that and try to make it for my own package.

Unfortunately, now when I reach this step I get this message: "Warning: non trusted contribution, skipping script execution (C:\Users\Test-Windows7-x64\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\digistump\tools\micronucleus\2.0a4\post_install.bat)". My guessing is that it is somehow related to the Arduino IDE version. Maybe on the older versions that was allowed. But now it isn't so this is not an option for me anymore. And I can't find anywhere else this feature.

So my question is whether this is possible at all? And if it is - how can I do that?

Please excuse me if that has been discussed before but I couldn't find similar topic in the forum.