install EasyTransfer arduino library


After I have install the Easy Transfer library and load an example project that goes well.

But when I Built or verify the program I get a fatal error: EasyTransfer.h: No such file or directory

For install I have follow the next advice. ( I found it on de Bill Porter site )

To install the Library, open the zip file and transfer the EasyTransfer folder into your Arduino ‘libraries’ folder. Then follow the examples to add the code to your project.

I hope someone can give advice on how to solve this.

Thanks in advance.


The structure is
Arduino/libraries/ in your user directory.

You will find the libraries in there, one directory per library.

Did you create a directory EasyTransfer under Arduino/libraries/ ? And next put the content of the zip in Arduino/libraries/EasyTransfer/ ?

Alternatively, there is an option somewhere in the menus to add a library from a zip file without girst opening the zip; I would try that first.

Click here to download

Unpack the .zip file, usually by double-clicking on it. This will create a directory named "madsci1016-Arduino-EasyTransfer-9941b63".

Find your "Sketchbook location". In the Arduino IDE, select the "Preferences..." menu item. At the top of the resulting "Preferences" dialog you should see a setting for "Sketchbook location:". Mine is set to "/Users/john/Documents/Arduino" but that is on a Mac so yours might look different. Navigate to that location. In that directory there may already be a folder/directory named "libraries". If that doesn't exist, create it.

Inside the directory named "madsci1016-Arduino-EasyTransfer-9941b63" you will find a number of directories, including "EasyTransfer". Drag the "EasyTransfer" directory into the "libraries" directory.

In the Arduino IDE, select "Tools->Manage Libraries...". This will force the IDE to re-scan your libraries so it sees that EasyTransfer is there. When the progress bar at the bottom goes away, close the Library Manager dialog.

Select File->Examples->EasyTransfer->EasyTransfer_2Way_wPot_Example. It should compile without error. If that works, try your sketch again to see if the problem is fixed.


It works many thanks.

Best regards,