Install External Antenna


I'm using an MK1010 inside a box because is outdoor and sometimes I have some roaming problems. Is it possible to install an external antenna? if not, how could I improve the signal?



External antenna not currently supported.

A plastic box may improve things.

Also changing the orientation of the MKR1010 inside the box could help.
What you are looking for is GPR (ground plane reflection) of the signal.
That in itself can be a complex subject but the principal is quite simple.
You are looking to REFLECT as much signal as possible towards your WiFi access point.

There are lots of quite easy ways to do this and as you are at a higher frequency you need less and less material to do this.
Have seen rolls of baking foil laid out in a loft for lower freq.
In your case simply placing some thin metallic foil on the opposing sides to the direction of your access point would probably suffice.

My own preference would be the aluminium self adhesive duct tape.
Probably on the underside of the box where it is mounted to your eternal surface and depending on if it is higher or lower than your access point then also on the upper OR lower side of the box.
The gains can be quite astounding for such simple measures

Another linked subject is PARABOLIC dish which in its very simplest form is what you would be attempting.


The problem is that I could not modify the access point, there are micros in the market with the possibility to install an external antenna



If you only have the MKR1010 you are fixed to the confines of the device.

Yes you could use a different device altogether if you wished to enable an external antenna to be used.
That type of decision would have been made during the planning phase of a project not as an after thought.

Is the box METAL or PLASTIC ?

If it is PLASTIC you can use the method outlined earlier.

If it is METAL then you should have been aware that you were going to effectively reduce the radio aspect of the device. You might be able to change the lid of the enclosure to PLASTIC to mitigate a small amount of the effect.

Radio waves for the most part do not like metal and tend to bounce off it.
Hence my link to GPR topic.

What you are seeking is an OPEN LOS (line of sight) between the access point and the MKR.


The unit is enclosed in a plastic box, there are some devices near to mine without roaming problems...

Thank's for your help guys

Is it possible the other devices are too close ?
That too can cause connectivity issues.

Also you have not said what those devices are so we could be comparing apples to oranges here !