Install problem: Mac OS X 10.8 with Nano - can't get /dev/tty* to come up in IDE

Hi all,

I'm a first time poster with what I hope is a basic question. But before I begin, I want to apologize in advance if this issue has already been discussed and solved. I saw many related posts but none seemed to address exactly what my problem is.

Here's what's happening:

I have a Mac running 10.8.5 and what seems to be a genuine Arduino Nano V3.0. When i plug it into my USB port, the power light comes on and the L LED blinks.

When I run Applications>Utilities>System Information and look at the USB section, I see:

USB 3.0 Hi-Speed Bus:

Host Controller Location: Built-in USB Host Controller Driver: AppleUSBXHCI PCI Device ID: 0x1e31 PCI Revision ID: 0x0004 PCI Vendor ID: 0x8086 Bus Number: 0x0a


Vendor ID: 0x0403 (Future Technology Devices International Limited) Version: 6.00 Serial Number: A98Z3HL9 Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec Manufacturer: FTDI Location ID: 0x14100000 / 4 Current Available (mA): 500 Current Required (mA): 90

I have followed the instructions to download the FDTI drivers and have rebooted (several times). But when I launch the Arduino IDE (1.6.4) and go to Tools > Port I do not see anything under /dev/tty* --The only ports I see available are /dev/cu.Bluetooth*.

Furthermore, when I look in /dev, I see a similar result.

So, can anyone point me to a fix to this problem? Do I need to remove Apple's USB driver for FDTI devices (AppleUSBXHCI)? May apologies again if this is a solved problem and I'm a moron for not being able to find it in the archives.



The official FTDI VCP drivers are here:

Note the OS X 10.8 uses the older version and 10.9 and newer uses the newer driver.


This problem has been happening with those updated drivers from FDTI (Mac OS X 10.3 to 10.8, posted 2012-08-10, version 2.2.18).

Should I see the FDTI drivers show up in the system profiler instead of the Apple drivers? That is, should I see AppleUSBXHCI change to something like FDTIUSBSerial or something like that? Am I not overriding/replacing the existing driver somehow?



I'm still struggling to fix this issue--can anybody shed any light on this? Specifically, can anyone tell me what the System profiler should say when working correctly? Is the driver AppleUSBXHCI or should it say something else?