Installation --- Arduino UNO not detected by XP and not in Device Manager list

Hi All,
just got my Arduino UNO, trying it out now.

Connected USB cable, got green led and flashing amber led. BUT device is not showing in Device Manager .
Windows XP
And, when looked in Drivers directory of the IDE the driver listed in the "Getting Started on Windows page does not exist.

Any ideas why Arduino UNO connected via USB is not detected by XP and does not appear in DEvice Manager anywhere ?

Found where the Arduino UNO appears in device manager, its an unnamed usb device under "other devices"
THANKS to the answer at Adafruit customer service forums • View topic - basic installation problem-no arduino port? which I found via google. Searching with the forum's search did not give useful results however.

NOTE TO ARDUINO SUPPORT:Please fix the GETTING STARTED FOR WINDOWS and the addendum for XP, both of which are incomplete --- they do not tell that Arduino may appear under other devices and have no name --- nothing to tell its Arduino.

Thanks to all, Seán

Did you click on Help / Troubleshooting and read the comprehensive advice given there?