Installation Arduino UNO Windows 7 - Impossible?

Hi everybody,

I just got a new Arduino Uno and in my eyes it is impossible to install it under Windows 7, 64-bit.
On the chip I can read the following text: MEGA 328PU-PH 35473D...

I did the following:

  • I donwloaded the software package from here (ARDUINO 1.8.5 for Windows Xp and up):
  • I installed everything (all drivers and so on)
  • When I go to the device manager ma computer can not recognize the Arduino. He just sees a USB2.0-Serial Device
  • When I try to install the drivers manually (right click on the device, search for software on the computer, fchoose folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\drivers) he can not install it (He does not find the correct driver)
  • When I try to install it from a list, I can select a Arduino UNO driver (or MEGA, or any else) but then an error occurs, too. The name changes from USB2.0-Serial to Arduino Uno (or MEGA or any else), but it is not properly installed (exclamation mark in device manager, CODE 10).

I dont know, what I shopuld do. Any advice?

Thank you.



Examine black chip near USB port. Official boards (that work with included drivers) have a 16u2.

If it has ch340g or cp2102 it's a clone that needs different drivers, Google that part number, yourOS, and the word drivers, download and install,

Hi everybody. It worked now with an Ch34... driver. Doe sthis mean I have a fake one? I was kind of sure, that I had an original one.
Thank you for your help.


Not necessarily fake. The Uno (and other Arduino boards) is open source hardware. People are allowed to make clones and derivatives. The only thing not allowed is using the Arduino trademark to sell unofficial products.


...or someone who sees a product listing title like "UNO ATmega328P development board for Arduino" and assumes that means an official Arduino Uno.

Does it say it was made in italy and have the official arduino logo on it? If so, it's a counterfeit (fake)

More likely, it's a clone (the difference being that a counterfeit illegally uses the Arduino trademarks, while a clone just rips off the design). The way clones are listed online often does not distinguish between clones and official boards.

Most of us here use clones (I think I have one official board - and it was one I borrowed from someone and he never asked for it back); particularly for UNO/Mega, I like the clones better as the CH340G/CP2102 seem to be harder to damage by abuse of the power rails than the 16u2.

I periodically donate money to Arduino to make up for the fact that the boards I buy don't contribute anything to the project.