Installation issues Debian 10


I'm having issues installing the "Create Agent for Linux".

I can download and install as per the instructions, but the installed agent is never found.

I'm running Debian 10, on a 2009 MabBook Pro. I'm running Debain native, not through VMWare or virtual.

I can see the "ArduinoCreateAgent" folder in my home directory.

I can "see" the arduino connected to the computer when I do an "lsusb" from the command line.

Can someone please help guide me?


Hi! What do you mean by "the agent is never found"? Could you provide a little more context, please?

We use installbuilder to package the installer: You should be able to see the installbuilder.log file inside \tmp (once installed)

Could you please try to start the agent from the terminal with ./ArduinoCreateAgent/Arduino_Create_Agent?

I had the same issue using Debian 10 and Firefox on an HP Lenovo. when I tried to install the agent from the command line in a terminal and could see it couldn't find libappindicator3-1 library and wasn't actually installing. I went here "Debian -- Package Download Selection -- libappindicator3-1_0.4.92-7_amd64.deb" and found the answer.
Add this line to the file /etc/apt/sources.list --- "deb buster main" --- and save file.
in a terminal do $ sudo apt install libappindicator3-1 and that will install the needed libraries. Then in your file manager, click on your '' file and it will install the agent again.
Reboot and all should be working.
Also in your file manager do, 'view hidden files' ,then look in your home directory .config and there should be a folder 'autostart' with the file 'arduino-create-agent.desktop' so the agent starts automatically on boot.
Hope this helps.

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