Installation - Led 13 blinks rapidly on plugging in..

I got a arduino duemilanove a few days ago.

I plugged it in for the first time today . On plugging in power led is lit and the pin 13 led blinks continuously even before i upload any sketch/ program. I read the thread,26864.0.html understand that this is because of some preloaded sketch . i have tried using the reset button but in vain.

Any idea how to stop this ? Any help is appreciated highly..

If it’s due to a pre-loaded sketch, just upload your own sketch.

I find sometimes my led13 is solid on, and I just have a couple of lines in my sketch to force it off.

I was unable to load the sketch too. I think it is due to the avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 error. which says there is a problem with the sync. I selected the right board and the right COM port, updated the drivers but still the sketch doesn't upload. is there anything i am missing?

I thought led blinking problem was more basic and should be addressed first. I have no idea if one is a consequence of another.

Any other solution is welcome!

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