Installation of Arduino with Eclipse or Netbeans on Ubuntu


Until now i worked with the Visual Studio plugin "Visual Micro" to create Arduino projects with a big count of classes. But now i want to test other IDEs because i want to continue my diploma thesis on Ubuntu.

I tried Eclipse but after I installed the avr plugin nothing happens. I tried this instruction but it doesn't work. :( This is the step which make me problems: My eclipse version is: 3.7.0 If I try to install the plugin again eclipse tell me that it is already installed. But in the options there is no avr section.

If have tried everything! I have searched on Google a full day long and i have searched in this forum for problems like this.

Thank you for your help. (and sorry for my bad English :D)


You may also check the excellent Arduino eclipse plugin made by Jantje:

If you prefer to stick with the AVR plugin, if AVR doesn't show up in the preferences/options page you should find it in the installation details (or configuration details) page, which is usually accessed from Eclipse's "about" page. Perhaps it has been disabled by Eclipse because of some incompatibility. Anyway, the page should give you more information about the issue.

Thank you for your post. I will try the plugin which is made by Jantje. Another IDE i found is vim with different plug-ins. I can only recommend this editor!