Installation of IDE 1.6.9 for use with the Due and UNO.

I've been using IDE 1.6.4 for programming the Uno for 1-2 years and its been working fine. I have a project that could use the 64-bit capability of the DUE. I was not successful in getting the IDE 1.6.4 to download. I read in this forum where someone had done something similar and found they needed to update the IDE to 1.6.9. I did as well and I had success downloading a simple sketch that did not use a lot of library references.
To make sure my UNO project wasn't affected by installing 1.6.9 I tried to compile it and received several errors the referred to issues with several of the libraries. I had not made any changes to the UNO sketch prior to running the new IDE compiler.
So is there a list of things that needs to be done when you upgrade from an earlier version of the IDE to 1.6.9?
Has anyone been down this path?

I have since uninstalled 1.6.9 and got back to a working version of the IDE 1.6.4 that works with my UNO project.

I tried to install 1.6.9 on my virtual XP system but had no luck downloading.

Errors or warnings? Did the compile actually fail?

There seems to be an extraordinary amount of warnings under V1.6.9 but there have not been any MAJOR changes that broke everything as far as I am aware since the leap from V1.5.6.

Give us a list of your problems so we can help with some specifics.