Sorry, there must be already an answer, yet I cannot find it.

Can anyone please give me a hint how I can install the old IDE0022 on WIN7 (or XP) for an ARDUINO UNO? There are several posts, no one worked for me. I need 0022 because someone programmed an interface to another machine I will have to use on my arduino because new IDEs will not be compatible.

Since there is no .exe for the old IDE, I tried to unzip the IDE-folder on C:\ and then install the drivers manually by device manager. No way to connect to the UNO.

Does someone know a working way?

It will run on win 7 x64 and YES there is an executable in there.

Extract the archive and run it from within the extracted folder "As Administrator"

I get a lot of library errors as it tries to read newer libs that are not compatible with 022.

Maybe post the code too as I get an error trying to upload a recent copy of blink. I did manage to put a blank sketch up though so it does work.