Installation of the OS "Full_SDK_OpenJDK6"


Since I need to run java on the Intel Galileo, I downloaded the Yocto OS “Full_SDK_OpenJDK6” but I can’t seem to boot on this OS. I connect the Galileo on the computer but the serial port is not recognized, even after waiting half an hour. This is strange because with the smaller OS (LINUX_IMAGE_FOR_SD_Intel_Galileo), I didn’t have this problem.

Did anyone have the same issue? If so, is there a solution?

I don't know Galileo but if it has a linux system you can try to take some tips from my article about arduino and raspberry pi.

Please check also this article if Galileo isn't a must.

Thanks Ardulink for your links. Unfortunately, I must use Galileo. Is there anybody who knows an OS more complete than the Clanton Tiny (on which it is possible to run Java) and achieved to boot it? (I already tried the OS from but except the tiny none of them boot)