Installation on iMac Mavericks

Previously used a PC but now have an iMac running Mavericks. I have downloaded the latest Arduino IDE but haven't been successful with the installation. The familiar folders in the windows edition are not there all I seem to have installed is the app. Now I am stuck. Can somebody help me its really frustrating not being able to use my Arduino again since the move and have several unfinished projects.

What happens when you double-click the app?

Your sketches go in: ~/Documents/Arduino

Your add-on libraries go in: ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries

Your cores and custom boards go in: ~/Documents/Arduino/hardware

The Arduino IDE should create the ~/Documents/Arduino folder when you first run it. You can copy the 'libraries' folder from your PC.

Thanks for the reply.
I have had a look in the area you suggested. There the following folders:-

Library (empty)
Sketches. (empty)

When I double on the app the IDE opens as normal.
I’m not used to the Mac OS and not too sure what procedure to use to download and install libraries etc. but I shall soldier on.
Thanks for your help

Dannyr: Arduino Library (empty) Sketches. (empty)

That's weird. Are you using Arduino IDE 1.0.5 for regular Arduinos or Arduino IDE 1.5.x for the Arduino DUE?