Installation problem of DuinOS


I want to use task with arduino and I discovered that is possible with DuinOS

I try to install DuinOS but it's not work. I have the board Arduino Mega ADK

I have dowloaded arduino 1.0.5 at this adress and install it.

I have dowloaded DuinOS "IDE 1.0.5 com FreeRTOS/Duinos 7.4.0" at this adress

Installation process : - I unzip "IDE 1.0.5 com FreeRTOS/Duinos 7.4.0" - I delete all files and folders in C:\Program Files\Arduino and I replace it by the files of "IDE 1.0.5 com FreeRTOS/Duinos 7.4.0" - Now when I start Arduino, I can see in tools/board : "Arduino Mega 2560 + DuinOS"

Is this is the right way to install DuinOS ?

Where can I find the latest version of Duinos ?

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language