Installed Open-Wrt on TL-WR710N (TP-Link router) what Next?

I have an Arduino Uno Rev3. In my hunt for a cheap wifi shield I found that one way is to use an open-wrt compatible router as a wifi shield. I have looked for web references but couldn't find something to point me in the right direction. I have successfully installed open-wrt on my TL-WR710N, but I don't know what to do next. Also I'm not sure if TL-WR710N Open-Wrt would work as wifi shield in conjunction with a Arduino Uno Rev3. I have found some resources but they are not in english.

Okay, I have installed a putty.exe as I'm on windows, and got to ssh screen to which I logged in.
But I don't know how to take it further.

Please help.

This shows how to directly connect a Pro Mini to a TL-WR703N through serial.
Don't know if can be applied to the TL-WR710N.

Check out the ESP-8266... Pretty simple AT command set interface from Arduino to the ESP-8266 Wifi device to send data. And now it looks like it is open enough to put your code right on the device.