Installing an external power switch on a pc motherboard

Hi everyone. Hardware side (essential to my project): i wanted to solder an external switch on the pre-existing one (the button in the red circle), in order to use both of them as a power-button. The challenge is to let every single button works indipendent from the other ( if i press button A than switch on, if i press switch B off…). Any idea/question would be welcome.

That's a motherboard power switch?

Do you have a multimeter to check the open-closed state of the switch contacts?

It's most likely a momentary contact switch (with the "real power" switched electronically). If you're lucky it's a normally-open SPST (2-contact) switch and you can simply wire another switch in parallel. (You have to figure-out what 2 connections are used.) In that setup, you've got an "or condition" were either switch (or both) can make the connection to change the state from on-to-off of off-to-on.

If it's normally closed, or if it's SPDT, etc., you'll have to "break" the existing circuit and figure-out how to wire-into it.

Thank you. I will check with the multimeter the states of the contacts then i’ ll let you know about.

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