Installing an iPad + Arduino Uno in a car

Hello people, I'm Tamrat from Ethiopia. I'm currently planning to install an iPad in my 2009 Yaris. Because something inside my head has gone terribly wrong, I have ditched the easy route (installing an Android Car or iOS Car Play enabled head unit) :) :)

Anyways, the install will require the removal of the climate controls. Rather than relocating the climate controls into another area (like the glovebox), I'm gonna remove them completely and use an Arduino to control the "climate". On paper, the plan is quite easy. There are about 6 switches related to air conditioning. 3 of them are simple on/off switches that can be replaced easily with relays. The other 3 are mechanical cable operated switches. I am planning to use 3 small servo motors for them. Then I'll be building an app with a cool interface to control everything via Bluetooth. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

What do you think guys? What are some of the 'gotchas' that I might encounter? Is this even feasible?

How are you going to power the servos?

PaulS: How are you going to power the servos?

From the Arduino? Right?

By the way, I am a complete noob with the Arduino. This is gonna be my first project with it. I have seen a couple of videos online and they were powering the servos (actually it was only one) from the pins on the Arduino.

That will fry an Arduino. Connect the ground and signal to Arduino. But the servo needs its own power.

Okay. This was pretty foolish on my side. I have done a bit more research and yeah, I will need an external power supply for the servos. Thank you for pointing that out. I completely had the wrong idea.