Installing Anet A6 board on Arduino IDE

I downloaded the Anet A6 board definitions from GitHub and unzipped it into the Arduino/Hardware folder. (I also left the zip file in the Hardware folder.) I was then able to select the Anet A6 board in the Arduino IDE and burn the Optiboot bootloader to an Anet A6.

Later, I installed some definitions for ESP8266 boards and the Anet A6 boards disappeared, though the board definition folder is still in the Hardware sub-folder. I may have also installed a more recent version of the Arduino IDE, but i am not sure of that.

Has anyone any idea how I can get the Anet A6 boards to reappear?

Hugh McIntyre

Where on Github (include link) ?

It is uncommon for another set of cores to over write a different set of cores (ESP vs AVR).

It sounds like you may have to re-install the Anet cores.

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