Installing Arduino 0012 build 509 on Ubuntu 8.10

To get it running on an AMD64:

  • Take -source and -destination out of
    jikes -classpath …/build/linux/work/classes:…/build/linux/work/lib/antlr.jar:…/build/linux/work/lib/oro.jar:…/build/linux/work/lib/registry.jar:…/build/linux/work/lib/RXTXcomm.jar:…/build/linux/work/lib/mrj.jar:…/build/linux/rt.jar:$CLASSPATH -d …/build/linux/work/classes …/core/.java tools/.java preproc/*.java syntax/*java *.java
  • get rt.jar from windows build
  • copy from /usr/lib/

I have just started testing of my sketches

You instructions are very vague.

This build is from the subversion source which is at build 510 now.

I suggest you wait for the official linux 012 unless you are familiar with the build process.

Send me a PM if you want more details.

P.S. Ubuntu 8.10 beta is cleaner than some distros I have tried.