Installing Arduino in a classroom of 30 computers without admin rights


I've been asked as Senior IT Technician to install Arduino onto our Design and Technology computers.

From my first two downloads I've noticed that the application has to run with admin rights.

Of course, there is no way I can allow children admin rights on the network, there would be anarchy.

Could you send me a version I can install as an administrator so that that any child logging on to that PC can run Arduino please?

Many thanks

Colonel 23

Is it the installation itself that needs Admin rights or running the IDE after installation? I am surprised if running the IDE needs Admin rights, what version of Windows are you using?

Each student will have to make an Arduino account but you can use the online IDE "web editor" where you are able to write code look at examples, flash devices and so on.

Hi, If you install from the zip rather than the exe file, does that make a difference?

Tom... :)

Regarding using the standard Arduino IDE (not the Arduino Web Editor KawasakiZx10r brought up), I know in the past people trying to do this have found it useful to know about the portable mode functionality of the Arduino IDE:

When running in portable mode, the Arduino IDE will store its configuration files and hardware packages under the portable subfolder of the Arduino IDE installation folder. The sketchbook will be located under that folder by default, but can be changed via File > Preferences > Sketchbook location. So the IDE will need to be installed at a location that permits that folder to be written to. Windows 10 is more restrictive of the C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86) folders but if you use the "Windows ZIP file for non admin install" download you can install the Arduino IDE anywhere you like.