Installing Arduino Micro Drivers

Hi all,

I am brand new to arduino products and I hit my first road block. I plugged my board into my computer using a USB - micro B cable. The drivers started to install and failed, as I expected. However, I couldn't find anything when I went through my device drivers. Is there somewhere I can just download the necessary drivers? I should also note that I'm running on Windows 7.

Best, Zin,118440.0.html micro will be autoinstalled in the setup

Didn't work, would not install any drivers. I get an error saying "Some drivers failed to install. Remember to allow the warnings, check the driver list for the checked ones. Unchecked ones were installed properly." All of the drivers were still checked. I told it to allow when the warning came up. Any other suggestions?

Is a genuine Windows 7? Maybe you have a slimmed version without the needed files.

Yeah, it's genuine. Factory installed from HP.

I am encountering the same error on Windows XP. Any advice on how to proceed / debug would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there, I had the same problem. Tried installing the driver from the Arduino 1.0.5/drivers folder, kept coming up with error messages that it cannot install the driver. Then I unplugged the Arduino and plugged it in again, and the automatic driver installation worked! (Windows 7) Not sure why it would not auto install before, but it's working now!