Installing bootloader to ATmega88 (Solved)

I wanted a cheap board to keep around to use as a dedicated bootloader burner. Thinking an ATmega is an ATmega I put a ATmega88 on my board and have now come to realize the errors of my ways, lol.

I can't find any option to select an ATmega88 processor. The closest I've come is an ATmega8 processor, and of course once I finally do get it burned in, I suspect I'll have further issues using it to burn the bootloader on to other ATmega chips.

Still I want to get this one up and running to see if I get the rest of my board set up right. What do I need to do to burn the right bootloader onto an ATmega88?

You need to install board package which supports the ATmega88 [processor

Thanks, I had tried to find a board package in Arduino's board manager prior to posting but there was no built-in option for the ATmega 88. I did eventually find one using the "Minicore" from MCUdude on github and was pleased to find it was able to burn other bootloaders after that!