Installing Cross Compiler on Arduino YUN Rev 02 OpenWRT

Hello, I need to install a blockchain software on Arduino YUN Rev 02. for that, I tried to install yun-gcc_4.6.2-2_ar71xx.ipk cross compiler on Arduino SD card.

I followed these commands,

opkg update
opkg install binutils
opkg install make

I downloaded yun-gcc_4.6.2-2_ar71xx.ipk

opkg install yun-gcc_4.6.2-2_ar71xx.ipk

but unfortunately Im getting an error message called "incompatible with the configured architecture". could you please guide me though this. Is there anyway to install cross compiler for Arduino YUN Rev 02?

Where did you download that? Was that package actually made for the Yun or is it just named so?

Why do you think you need a cross-compiler on the Yun? That usually doesn't make sense. Keep in mind the Linux side of the Yun is an Atheros AR9331, a MIPS processor.
Cross-compiling means the compiler generates code for different target platform. Which target platform do you want to compile for and why does that compilation have to be on the Yun?

If you're thinking of using the Yun for mining, forget it. The Pi is significantly faster and even so is considered far too underpowered to be of any use in that area.

I downloaded it from the Arduino package downloads. The main thing I need to do is install blockchain software on Linux side. I tried to cross compile and run it on OpenWRT using ubuntu machine and it didn't success. Now I'm trying to compile the blockchain source code directly in to Yun. Im doing a PhD for measuring blockchain performances in different low powered devices. I'm struggling with installing blockchain software on Yun Linux side. It doesn't allow me to execute blockchain applications on the SD card that I have connected. That's why I'm trying to compile blockchain source code directly into Yun.

Here are the links...

Hi it's not about mining. I'm doing a PhD about blockchain in low powered devices. I want to install blockchain on Yun and measure the performances compared to other low powered devices. Im struggling in installing blockchain on Yun.

Depending on the size of the source code this may work. But you need a normal compiler, not a cross-compiler!.
Usually doing the cross-compilation on a PC is the better option but cross-compiling isn't a task for beginners but if you do a PhD on that it's a good lesson to learn :slight_smile:

It's rather strange to run blockchain software on such devices. It usually doesn't make sense to run such software on a minimalist device as the Yun.

What exact blockchain software are you trying to compile for the Yun?

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