Installing different IDE versions on the same PC

I have several hardware devices that require different (customized) versions of the IDE (and compilers), like e.g. NavSpark, Arduino Uno, UDOO Quad.

Somehow, when I install them, I always end up with mixed installations. Driver, libraries, binaries, sketch folders, ... all get mixed up, despite installing in different directories.

Can someone tell me how to do this properly?

libraries and sketch folders are usually in a fixed location (~/user/Documents/Arduino) that would end up shared between multiple versions. To avoid this, you can probably manually change the sketch folder in Preferences after each install. (And if the install actually adds libraries to your sketch/hardware folder, you should make sure to rename or copy those over to the new sketch folder.)

Thx. I was already thinking of something similar: writing a little batch file or small program that renames a few directories and fires up the correct version.

You can also create a "portable" folder inside the IDE main folder: if present, the IDE will use that folder to store everything, preferences included.

Well, not everything. It will use that folder to store preferences. Hence you can have different IDEs configured to use different sketchbooks